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The Rhynie tragedy

Welcome to my #newwebsite which I have established in the lead up to the publication of two non-fiction historical books I have been working on: #TheSecretArtofPoisoning and #TheRedDevil (with Les Parsons). These are very different tales: one about an anti-heroine from the #19thCentury and one about a #heroic #PioneerAviator from the #WW1 era. I came to the first book to be published via the second. When researching pioneer aviator #HarryButler, I came across a tragic #truecrime tale known as #TheRhynieTragedy - the story appeared bigger at the time than the #SmithBrothers landing in their home state after the first UK to Australia flight. I was astounded to find that the perpetrator of poisoning crimes in #TheRhynieTragedy was the nephew of an infamous poisoner from a previous generation: #MarthaNeedle of #TheRichmondPoisoningCase What was the possible connection between the two sets of crimes - was Alexander Lee aware of the fate of his Auntie Martha? In the lead up to the publication of #TheSecretArtofPoisoning which is about #MarthaNeedle, I have made available free to download the story of #TheRhynieTragedy See the #truecrime tale set in #Rhynie, #SouthAustralia under the #shortstories link.

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